Eric Kenyon is the physical culture secret of the Northern California mountains. He’s the movement and strength mentor, guiding all level of people to success in the physical realm. From Olympic and professional athletes to people who can barely move, Eric’s KB (kettlebell) and strength skills have been making the mountains a stronger place.

-Chip Conrad, Exercise Iconoclast & Founder of BodyTribe, Sacramento CA

kat bachus

I came to Eric at a time in my life where I’d lost my mojo and no longer felt at home in my body. In the past I’d often used willpower or external motivations to get into shape, but my energy had dipped so low that these approaches no longer got me in motion.

For the first time in my life, I wanted to lean into and explore what my strengths are rather than follow some fad or program. I wanted to feel that exercise was adding to my vitality, not draining my time and energy resources, causing me to rely on other supports like caffeine to get going. I wanted a coach that would understand me, my body and disposition while helping me formulate goals at a deeper level.

That’s how I found Eric at Form is Function. He helped me dive deeply into my goals to uncover the hidden motivations. He engaged me philosophically as well as physically. He knew how to keep me interested by adding new challenges. Eric helped me crack a dietary/nutritional challenge that I been trying to change in my blood work for more than 20 years. Thanks to Eric, I’m no longer prediabetic and my osteopenia has gone away.

I recognize, accept and love myself in my physical form. I’ve even forgotten that I used to have a popping hip, a knee that got achy, a lower back that felt unstable and shoulder pain that showed up sometimes. I truly feel at home in this body and feel we have more of a loving partnership rather than a willful battle. My strength and body have changed so much, and yet it’s been so gradual that it’s given me time to feel like me in this refurbished home. What I didn’t expect was a huge boost in confidence, yet I’m so grateful for it.

Eric brought compassion to mental challenges and gave me tips for working with them rather than fighting them. I love the complete attention to mind, body and spirit that comes from Eric at Form is Function.

-Kat Bacchus, Life coach, Grass Valley CA


Physically, my life has changed and I’m finally ready to talk about it. The last 2 months have been eye-opening and game-changing. After a life of using traditional workouts to get me strong – with many injuries along the way – I knew I needed to do something differently. For MANY years – despite the workouts – I became weaker, with my bone density lessening (diagnosis osteopenia, the percursor to osteoporosis.) I was the person who had to let others open heavy doors, carry the firewood, move boxes for me. I could work out for 6-8 weeks, get an injury, recuperate for several weeks – and try it all over again. (Insanity.)

THEN – Between August 2017-May 2018, I had 3 big breaks – broken bones that is. Base of thumb, then foot in 2 places, and then rib. What was going on? I was resigned to a life of careful older age. Yuck! or maybe not…

Enter Form is Function – Russian Kettlebell with Eric Kenyon. “Oh, that,” you might say. I said that, too. I may have even thought it was a bit of quackery. Before I learned so much more…

In December, I started private lessons with Eric. I took my FMS test for benchmarks and made fitness goals with Eric. Some of my goals included being able to carry firewood. Or running with my dog without injury. Or lift my neck at a certain angle without incurring pain for the next 3 days.
The practice was subtle but deep at first – and the changes began right away. In January, I was able to join the group classes.

Eric has an exquisite understanding of body mechanics, injury, health – I am blown away every day that I work with him. (He trained with masters Pavel Tsatsouline and Ron Jones.)
The outcome has been complete healing of my injuries including my thumb – an articulated fracture with a broken floating piece in the base that I was told by a hand specialist would never heal completely – and that I would always have pain, arthritis, and limited range of motion; NONE of which is true now! Simply amazing how building up my microfibrils in surrounding areas healed the thumb. And my poor neck – old injuries had it feeling like a pathetic straw holding up the bowling ball of my head.

Instead, I have gained such functional strength for all areas of my life. I was able to move my Dad to a new facility a few weeks ago ON MY OWN when Barry and Zed were unavailabe – ME! – moving furniture and heavy boxes and no neck pain!

Most people think Kettlebells are an adjunct to “workouts” – something to do occasionally – and usually only for strength building. (You should see my flexibility. Yeah, it affects that, too!) Their use can be learned incorrectly with “eh!” results – or simply outstanding. And many people have never heard of club swinging – let alone tried it – for essential shoulder warm-up. Eric’s training flies in the face of all the traditional workouts and fitness that I had ever learned – and the results keep mounting.

The only call to action I can give is this: if you want to excel at your current sport, improve your current activity, prevent injury, then come have fun with me. Depending on the risk/benefit of your chosen activity, there are so many ways you can meet your fitness goals without injury – and go beyond. Check out Form is Function and Eric Kenyon.

-Annie Keeling, Parenting Educator, Grass Valley CA